CreaTeME at Arendalsuka 2023

What kind of research is artistic research, and what role does it play in society?

Arendalsuka is the largest political gathering in Norway held annually since 2012. The event’s mission was clear: strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through open debate and involvement.


Arendalsuka is the result of co-creation between national and local political parties, NGO’s, universities, research institutions, private companies and the Municipality of Arendal.

Arendalsuka takes place every year in mid-August. For 5 days, the city of Arendal is filled with an interesting and educational variety of exhibitions and events.


“In this seminar, we discussed the characteristics of artistic research as a research discipline, and the role it can have in society. It was a combination of artistic presentations and debates” says Center Leader at CreaTeME Daniel Nordgård


Contributors: Daniel Nordgård, Professor, University of Agder / Andreas Waaler Røshol, PhD Research Fellow, University of Agder / Ivar Grydeland, Associate Professor, The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo / Jonas Sjøvaag, PhD Research Fellow, University of Agder

and Kristine Hoff, Songwriter and artist and Alumn at the University of Agder.

Photo: Eirik Sørbø


Link to Arendalsuka: