Great opening for The Odderøya Collective presents – Vol.1

On the evening of Wednesday, November 29th, the vibrant city of Kristiansand bore witness to an exceptional musical event hosted by The Odderøya Collective at BARE studenthus / Kraftverk. Known for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of music through innovation and collaboration, the collective proudly presented the latest installment of their concert series on the main stage (Hovedsalen) at Skippergaten 24b.



The spotlight of the evening shone on the solo performance by the exceptionally talented Kristoffer Lislegaard, armed with a unique arsenal of computers, buttons, knobs, and specially designed instrument setups. Lislegaard masterfully guided the audience through a captivating journey across sonic landscapes, traversing from serene and meditative ambient sounds to beat-driven glitched rhythms and washed-out noise.

A standout feature of the concert was Lislegaard’s exploration of sound in multidisciplinary harmony. Throughout the performance, he showcased a diverse range of creative methods, including programming, improvisation, recording, and reworking his own material. Lislegaard seamlessly integrated other art forms, unveiling the limitless possibilities of musical expression and demonstrating a true fusion of technology and creativity.


The concert’s realization was made possible through the generous support of CreaTeME, an organization dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in music and technology. This collaboration underscored the importance of partnerships in pushing the boundaries of musical exploration and celebrating the intersection of art and technology.

The allure of the event was further enhanced by its free entrance, opening the doors to a broader audience eager to experience the boundary-pushing compositions and innovative technology presented by Lislegaard and The Odderøya Collective. The intimate setting of BARE studenthus / Kraftverk provided a perfect backdrop, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the sonic wonders unfolding on stage.




Throughout the evening, the audience was treated to a harmonious convergence of artistic disciplines, featuring the talent of the student band Bastard, composer Eric Pettersen, composing duo Ieva Praneviciute and Lars Kristian Lia in Taakeklang, and culminating with the mesmerizing performance by Kristoffer Lislegaard. This collective celebration showcased not only individual brilliance but also the group’s unwavering commitment to redefining the possibilities of music.

In conclusion, The Odderøya Collective’s presentation of Kristoffer Lislegaard was a mesmerizing and thought-provoking musical experience. The combination of free admission, innovative use of technology, and multidisciplinary exploration made this concert a unique and accessible event for music enthusiasts in Kristiansand. As attendees departed the venue, they carried with them the echoes of a night filled with sonic wonders and a celebration of artistic collaboration. The concert served as a testament to the power of music in transcending boundaries and fostering a community united in appreciation for the avant-garde.recording, and reworking his own material. Lislegaard seamlessly incorporated other art forms, illustrating the limitless possibilities of musical expression.


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Photographer: Tobias Hole Aasgaarden of South Coast Creative and Owners: Lars Kristian Lia & Ieva Praneviciute