Klubb Kosmos x The Odderøyakollektivet Presents: Han Gaiden + klubb

Date: May 24, 2024

Time: Evening

Location: Studenthuset BARE


The evening of May 24th at Studenthuset BARE was alive with the vibrant sounds of “Klubb Kosmos x The Odderøyakollektivet Presents: Han Gaiden + Klubb.” This event, part of the CreaTeME Student Invites series, showcased an impressive lineup of artists from The Odderøyakollektivet, featuring Nina Fay, Brita°UT, and Sea Change, with a special guest performance by Han Gaiden. The event celebrated the rich musical talent fostered by the Odderøyakollektivet community.


Nina Fay (Nina Ugland) is a dynamic artist from Odderøyakollektivet, known for her evocative performances and unique musical style. Her music blends elements of electronic and experimental sounds, creating an immersive auditory experience for the audience.

Brita°UT (Brita Urstad Toft) brings a distinctive energy to the stage with her innovative approach to music production and performance. Her work often explores the boundaries of genre, incorporating eclectic influences that resonate deeply with listeners.

Sea Change (Ellen Sunde) is another talented member of Odderøyakollektivet, whose music is characterized by its ethereal quality and emotional depth. Ellen’s soundscapes often evoke a sense of introspection and dream-like exploration, captivating her audience.

Han Gaiden, the guest artist for the evening, added an exciting dimension to the event. Known for their experimental sound and engaging live performances, Han Gaiden’s presence was a highlight of the night, bringing a fresh and innovative vibe to the lineup.

Event Highlights

The evening kicked off with an electrifying set by Nina Fay, who set the tone with her compelling mix of electronic beats and haunting vocals. Her performance was a masterclass in blending technology with artistry, drawing the audience into her creative world.


Following Nina, Brita°UT took the stage, captivating the crowd with her eclectic and boundary-pushing sound. Her set was a journey through various musical landscapes, each piece more intriguing than the last. Brita’s ability to fuse different genres and influences into a cohesive performance was truly impressive.


Sea Change continued the momentum with her ethereal and emotionally charged music. Ellen Sunde’s performance was a highlight of the evening, with her delicate vocals and atmospheric compositions creating a mesmerizing experience for all in attendance.


The night reached its peak with the much-anticipated performance by Han Gaiden. Their innovative approach to music and engaging stage presence made for an unforgettable performance. Han Gaiden’s experimental sounds and dynamic energy perfectly complemented the diverse talents of the Odderøyakollektivet artists, bringing the event to a thrilling close.


“Klubb Kosmos x The Odderøyakollektivet Presents: Han Gaiden + Klubb” was a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent within The Odderøyakollektivet and providing a platform for innovative and experimental music. The event not only highlighted the unique artistic voices of Nina Fay, Brita°UT, and Sea Change but also featured an outstanding guest performance by Han Gaiden.


This evening of music and creativity was a testament to the vibrant community fostered by CreaTeME and Odderøyakollektivet, offering students and attendees a night of unforgettable performances and artistic inspiration.

Photo by Odderøykollektivet & Klubb Kosmos