MØRT//ISUM – Double debut concert

Double debut concert at Biscenen, Teateret, 3 June 2023

Martin Eidesvik:

The project was lead by Martin Eidesvik and Isak Dybsjord who both held a concert. Martin is responsible for MØRT and Isak for ISUM. In total 12 were involved in the bands and we had a light- and soundengineer.


The purpose was to create a thoroughly composed, making the two different concert seem connected. We wanted to create a concert for both music and nonmusical students to celebrate. In my concert I wanted to create a big atmosphere without tracks, using SPDSX, and MainStage sample and a MIDI controller linked to abelton to create it. We also wanted proper lighting and good sound which our engineers managed well. The concert was a success, approximately 85 people attended, and the mood in the audience gave us the impression that we succeeded!

Isak Dybsjord:

The project was organised and lead by Isak Dybsjord and Martin Eidesvik. With us were 10 music students from Rythmic music at UIA, 1 light engineer who also studies music at UIA, and an external sound engineer. Around 90 people were present in the audience at the concert.


We wanted to create a prestigious concept-based concert, were we collaborated with a light- and sound-engineer to create a great experience for the audience. We also wanted to use technology in our music in ways which we are not accustomed to. For example, I used my Macbook and Ableton as an amplifier and effect-processor for my guitar. This is not very usual in rock and metal, which are the genres which represent my music the best.