Sound and Visuals – ‘How to Sallie’ at Kick

Benedikte Kløw Askedalens master concert 3rd of june 2023

The project was lead by Benedikte Kløw Askedalen on the 2nd year masterprogramme at UiA. We have been collaborating with visual artist Anna Leijonhielm. The project consisted of Eirik Lindtner (gitar), Olav Hanem (bass) og Ole Petter Ålgård (keys). The concert lasted for 50 minutes and was performed at Kick scene under the UiArt festival this year.


We have been so lucky to get funded by CreateMe, as the outcome of this project has been more rewarding than I imagined. Visual artist Anna Leijonhielm was hired to make visuals for my exam concert, and made ten separate videos to our songs. The result was beautiful and suited the music very good. I got a lot of good feedback from both teachers and students that the impact of the visuals really made a difference for how they perceived the project.


By being able to show our music both through sound and visuals our concept has become more specific to what we want the audience to experience, and the programme that Leijonhielm has used creates shapes that makes both us and the audience understand the music and the lyrics in together. We will use the visuals on other concerts as well, and are deeply greatful for the support from UiA and CreateMe to expand our project.


Benedikte Kløw Askedalen