Success for CreaTeME-lab event with Bugge Wesseltoft at Kraftverk

Date: Tuesday, November 14th

Venue: BARE studenthus / Kraftverk, The Main Stage (Hovedsalen), Skippergaten 24b, Time: 19:30

Bugge Wesseltoft, an icon of Nordic jazz, took center stage at BARE studenthus / Kraftverk for a solo performance as part of the CreaTeME-lab Event #3. The evening promised a musical journey through Wesseltoft’s illustrious career, spanning from his early ECM Nordic jazz releases to his avant-garde ventures with New Conception Of Jazz, the establishment of “Jazzland Recordings,” and his collaboration in the trio Rymden.


The venue, an intimate space with the Main Stage bathed in subtle lighting, provided the perfect setting for an evening of exploration into the evolution of Bugge Wesseltoft’s sound. The atmosphere was electric as the audience eagerly awaited the musical prowess that Wesseltoft is renowned for.

As Bugge Wesseltoft graced the stage, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the room. Armed with his piano, he embarked on a captivating journey through his extensive and diverse discography. The solo performance showcased not only Wesseltoft’s technical mastery but also his ability to weave a narrative through music, connecting with the audience on an emotional level.

The venue’s acoustics complemented Wesseltoft’s piano, creating a sonic landscape that resonated with clarity and richness. The audience sat in rapt attention, absorbing the nuances of each note and the emotional depth conveyed through the music.

As the solo performance reached its crescendo, the applause from the audience was a testament to Bugge Wesseltoft’s enduring impact on the world of modern jazz. CreaTeME-lab’s Event #3 proved to be a celebration of innovation and artistic evolution, showcasing Bugge Wesseltoft as a maestro in the ever-evolving landscape of jazz. The fusion of music and conversation throughout the evening left the audience with a deeper appreciation for the multi-decorated artist and his contribution to the world of contemporary jazz.

After the solo performance commenced, the audience was treated to a CreaTeME-talk and Q&A session hosted by Alessandra Bossa. This postlude added depth to the evening, offering insights into Wesseltoft’s creative process, influences, and the intricate world of modern jazz.

Photo by Askil Holm // CreaTeME