Unveiling the Future of the Music Industry at the International Music Business Research Days 2023

The International Music Business Research Days commenced with a spectacular start, bringing together music aficionados, scholars, and industry experts from all corners of the world to delve deep into the ever-evolving landscape of the music business. The event spanned three days, each filled with an impressive lineup of presentations and discussions.

Day 1: Young Scholars Workshop

The event’s first day featured the Young Scholars Workshop, providing emerging talents with a platform to share their insights and research findings. The day began with a warm welcome by Liucija Fosseli, followed by engaging sessions that explored various aspects of the music industry. Frederik Juul Jensen reimagined royalty payments on music streaming platforms, offering alternative payment systems. Jelena Mijatovic discussed the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the music industry. 


The session by Meland, Ofochebe & Nordgård compared collective rights management in different markets, particularly Norwegian and Nigerian music creators. Zoi Eleni Eskitzopoulou unveiled the vibrant ecosystem of the Greek underground rap scene.

Eric Nsangu Tusevo delved into the world of interpolations and the enduring appeal of hit songs. The day wrapped up with a welcome reception and registration at Kraftverk, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and a concert with Great Tide at the Blackbox at BARE studenthus.


Day 2: Exploring the Music Business

The second day of the International Music Business Research Days witnessed an exciting lineup of events. Attendees kicked off the day with coffee and registration. Martin Clancy, in his keynote, offered a retrospective on the intersection of AI and music, highlighting the journey from book launch to global discourse. Throughout the day, participants had the chance to engage in discussions on various topics, including music rights as an investment, success metrics for music business graduates, and the “new reality” in the music industry. 

Lunch provided a break and networking opportunity. The afternoon continued with sessions on Australian musicians and NFTs, the development of automated music sample clearance solutions, and the impact of generative AI on music creators. After a coffee break, attendees explored subjects such as female empowerment in the music industry, innovative music programs, and authenticity in music. The day culminated with discussions on branding, digital engagement, and the exploration of evolving power structures in digital music promotion.

Day 3: Navigating the Future

The final day of the event continued to provide valuable insights into the music industry’s future. The day began with a welcome back session, setting the stage for a day of engaging discussions. Sharmin Sultana Sumi delivered a keynote address on sustainability in the music business in Bangladesh. Attendees explored topics such as the globalization of music awards, new opportunities and challenges in music business research, and the challenges of developing comparable data classifications. 

After lunch and coffee, the program delved into training future music business leaders, entrepreneurial success in music, and the relationship between live and recorded music consumption. The event concluded with discussions on the impact of COVID-19 on the music industry ecosystem and the evolution of music broadcast policies. 

The International Music Business Research Days proved to be an invaluable platform for industry professionals, researchers, and music enthusiasts to exchange ideas, share insights, and gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changing music business landscape. With diverse perspectives and engaging discussions, it was a truly enriching experience for all participants.

Photos by Astrid Marie Lund Gilje (Frontphoto)  / Askil Holm at CreaTeME and The Daily Star on Friday