Upcoming event on the 5th of September: Egil Kalman at PUNKT 2024

The 2024 Punkt Festivalen in Kristiansand, Norway, promises to be a memorable event with the unique performance of Egil Kalman, a PhD fellow at the University of Agder (UiA). Kalman, known for his innovative approach to interpreting traditional folk music from Norway and Sweden, will bring his modular synthesizer to the stage, offering a fresh and electrifying take on time-honored melodies.

Bridging the Past and Future with Modular Synthesis

Egil Kalman’s work is distinguished by his meticulous attention to the intonation and ornamentation found in traditional folk music. By translating these intricate details into the language of the modular synthesizer, Kalman breathes new life into the music, highlighting its trance-inducing qualities through the raw and powerful medium of electronic sound.

A New LP

Earlier this year, Kalman released his second LP on iDeal Recordings, titled “Forest of Tines: Egil Kalman plays the Buchla 200.” This album has garnered critical acclaim for its deep exploration of the Buchla 200 synthesizer’s capabilities, blending organic folk elements with the stark, electric textures of modular synthesis.

A Versatile Musician

While Kalman’s solo work with the synthesizer is a central part of his artistic identity, he is also an accomplished double bass player and an active member of several musical groups. His collaborations include playing with the Marthe Lea Band, Miman, Völvur, and engaging in duo projects with Zoe Efstathiou and Fredrik Rasten. These diverse engagements showcase his versatility and his ability to navigate various musical landscapes, from jazz and improvisation to experimental and folk music.

Experience Egil Kalman Live

Egil Kalman’s performance at Punkt Festivalen 2024 is an eagerly awaited event for both festival-goers and connoisseurs of innovative music. His ability to fuse the old with the new, the acoustic with the electronic, promises a captivating experience that honors tradition while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.

For those who wish to explore Kalman’s music further, his works are available on Bandcamp, offering a glimpse into the creative mind of an artist who continually seeks to innovate and inspire.


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Photo by Malwina Witkowska