CreaTeME event on women in music: addressing challenges and harnessing power

Empowering Women in Music: CreaTeME Event in Kristiansand
Kraftverk / BARE Studenthus, Skippergata 24b, Kristiansand – March 8 2024

In a concerted effort to address the challenges faced by women in the music industry, CreaTeME, in collaboration with several key partners, orchestrated an event on March 8th at Kraftverk / BARE Studenthus in Skippergata 24b, Kristiansand.

This event focused on female musicians, music students, and industry professionals with the aim to illuminate critical topics including the life of women in the music industry, building an image as a female artist in 2024, and the prevalence of physical and mental health issues among female musicians compared to their male counterparts.

Key partners in this initiative included Musikkontoret SØRF, AKKS Kristiansand, Bold Type Management and the Departments of Popular Music and Sports Science and Physical Education at UiA. The event featured a performance by the artist and songwriter 
ELFRIDA and a mini-concert by the band Lacebug, alongside insightful talks, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and mingling sessions.

Notable sessions included a discussion on the impact of awareness of cycles on performance and mental health, featuring esteemed panelists such as Monica Klungland Torstveit and Bård E. Solstad from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, alongside industry professionals and musicians. Another highlight was a session delving into strategies for building an image and reaching out to the media as a female musician in 2024, facilitated by Emma Lunden from Bold Type Management and Eva Myklebust from NRK Sørlandet.


The event attracted a diverse audience, with participants actively engaging in discussions, sharing experiences, and seeking insights into navigating the challenges faced by women in the music industry. The presence of industry experts, academics, and musicians fostered an environment of learning and empowerment.


Participants were encouraged to bring their questions, experiences, and curiosity to the event, which aimed to be enlightening and empowering for all involved. A notable aspect of the event was its emphasis on addressing gender-specific issues in the music industry and empowering female artists to achieve their full potential.

Following the event, participants had the opportunity to join the March 8th parade organized by Kristiansand Municipality, further amplifying the message of empowerment and solidarity on International Women’s Day.

This event marked a significant step forward in advancing gender equality and inclusivity in the music industry, setting a precedent for future endeavors aimed at empowering women in music.


Photos by CreaTeME