Open call: CreaTeME presents: Elektrosløyden vol. 1 with Koka Nikoladze

OPEN CALL: Join Elektrosløyden, a new workshop series by CreaTeME focusing on innovative craftsmanship, instrument design, DIY electronics, coding and programming.Apply here: Galleriet at Kraftverk, Skippergata 24b, KristiansandWhen: April 29th and 30th 08.00 – 16.00 Workshop leader: artist, composer, instrument builder, Koka NikoladzeDive into building your

CreaTeME at Sørveiv Conference 2024

12th and 13th of April, Kristiansand, Norway - Sørveiv 2024, the pinnacle event for the music industry in Southern Norway: Sørveiv, witnessed representation from CreaTeME, in discussions on Kristiansand's journey towards becoming a vibrant music city.  The event, which unfolded on April 12th and 13th, brought

Co-creating audience: Student-Led Test Concert to Redefine Traditional Music Experience

Date: Friday 15th of March Location: BARE studenthus Project Leader: Ieva Praneviciute Sound and Technical Lead: Johannes Birkedal Austenå Ensemble: Mirjam Pálfai (Flute) Hannah Torres Lærum (Vocals) Anders Skjerdal (Trumpet) Anders Evju (Trombone) Mikkel Bordal (Double-bass) Torbjørn Kamfjord Eriksen (Drums) Overview: The concert was a student-led test concert aimed to redefine the conventional norms. Spearheaded by project