CreaTeME presents: Elektrosløyden vol. 1 with Koka Nikoladze

The Elektrosløyden workshop, hosted by CreaTeME at BARE Studenthus, was a captivating blend of craftsmanship and electronic innovation. Led by the renowned artist, composer, and instrument builder, Koka Nikoladze, the workshop invited participants to immerse themselves in the world of DIY electronics, coding, and instrument design.

Event Details:
Location: Galleriet at Kraftverk, Skippergata 24b, Kristiansand

Dates: April 29th and 30th, from 08:00 to 16:00

Workshop Leader: Koka Nikoladze


Workshop Highlights:

Participants delved into constructing their own electronic gadgets, irrespective of their level of familiarity with electronics. The workshop offered a unique opportunity to create a versatile device capable of acting as a DMX light controller, a MIDI controller, and a sensor interface, all in one compact unit. Beyond assembly, participants were also guided through programming and practical application of their creations. Moreover, this workshop served as a springboard for further exploration into the realm of DIY electronics, empowering participants to continue their learning journey independently.

Participant Criteria:

The workshop was open to all students, with priority given to those enrolled in relevant courses such as Designing Instruments, electronic music (both BA and MA), and Live Electronics. Due to limited capacity, only ten students could participate, with the requirement of being available for the full duration of both workshop days.

Application Insight:

Prospective participants were asked to articulate their motivation for joining the workshop in 4-5 sentences. This aspect of the application process provided an opportunity for individuals to express their enthusiasm for the intersection of craftsmanship and electronic music, as well as their eagerness to learn and innovate in this domain.

About Elektrosløyden:

The workshop’s title, “Elektrosløyden,” paid homage to the cherished Norwegian tradition of “sløyd,” which historically involved hands-on creativity and skill development in woodworking. In its modern iteration, Elektrosløyden seamlessly fused this traditional craft with contemporary electronic music technology, offering artists a platform to harness their creativity and shape musical innovation on their terms.


As a source of inspiration, participants were encouraged to explore Koka Nikoladze’s YouTube channel, particularly his renowned creation, “Koka’s Drone Box No. 1” (, which exemplifies the fusion of artistry and electronic ingenuity.


The Elektrosløyden workshop at BARE Studenthus not only fostered hands-on learning but also ignited a passion for creative exploration within the realm of DIY electronics and instrument design. It stands as a testament to the enduring allure of craftsmanship and its seamless integration with cutting-edge technology in the pursuit of musical innovation.

Photos by Koka Nikoladze, Kristian Bertheussen Isachsen and South Coast Creative AS