CreaTeME Students Invites #2: Nothing Personal Q&A and Live concert at BARE Studenthus / Kraftverk

The evening commenced with an electrifying performance by Oslo-based band Nothing Personal at BARE Studenthus / Kraftverk. Attendees were treated to a a live-set that showcased the band’s unique blend of experimental pop, free improvisation, and field recordings.

Following the performance, the audience engaged in an insightful Q&A session with the band members, Solveig Wang, Dorothea Økland, and Thea Emilie Wang. This was followed by a fascinating demonstration and overview of the equipment utilized by the band, providing attendees with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their creative process and the innovative ways in which they harness technology to sculpt their distinctive sound.

The highlight of the evening came with a brief yet captivating jam/testing session featuring motion controllers and iPad controllers for vocal effects. This experimental exploration of electronic instruments and gadgets underscored Nothing Personal’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical expression and embracing new technological advancements.

Nothing Personal, a collective born from the creative minds of Solveig Wang, Dorothea Økland, and Thea Emilie Wang, captivated the audience with their genre-defying sound. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including jazz, R&B, and electroacoustic music, the band’s music transcends conventional boundaries, offering a sonic journey that is both exhilarating and thought-provoking.

With roots in acclaimed musical projects such as Fieh, Klossmajor, Soft Punch, and Thea Wang, Nothing Personal represents a bold and experimental venture for its members. Through their exploration of electronics, synths, vocals, and clarinets enhanced by effects, the band continues to push the envelope, forging new paths in the realm of experimental pop music.

Photo by: Ingri Jordahl Østensen og Serhat Sahin