CreaTeME presented musical performances at The European Conference 2024 in Kristiansand

Strengthening Democracy and Human Rights: Reflections from the Fifth European Conference in Kristiansand


On May 6, 2024, Kristiansand, in collaboration with the Council of Europe and various partner organizations, proudly hosted the fifth European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights. This significant event unfolded against the backdrop of Democracy Week, a platform aimed at fostering debate and progress to fortify human rights, freedom of expression, and democracy. Hosted annually during the first week of May, Democracy Week is a joint effort by the University of Agder, ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Center, Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall, CreaTeME, Sørlandets Art Museum / Kunstsilo, Cultiva, Agder County Municipality, and Kristiansand Municipality.



Under the overarching theme of “Sustain and defend Democracy and Human Rights in Europe 2024,” the conference brought together scholars, activists, policymakers, and citizens to engage in dialogue and collective action towards safeguarding these fundamental values.


One of the highlights of the conference was the evening’s musical performances curated by Hilde Norbakken in collaboration with Alessandra Bossa. Among these performances was the captivating showcase by CreaTeME, featuring the SOUND ACTS Ensemble, a collective of diverse musicians committed to the exploration of free expression through sound.



In a world where the defense of democracy and human rights remains paramount, initiatives like the European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights and events within Democracy Week serve as vital forums for discourse, reflection, and action. By harnessing the creative potential of music and embracing diversity, participants in the conference underscored the importance of solidarity and collective engagement in advancing the cause of democracy and human rights across Europe and beyond.

Led by workshop leader Alessandra Bossa, CreaTeME embarked on a creative session exploring the theme of freedom of expression. Through workshops and collaborative experimentation, musicians such as Alessandra Bossa, Mariam Kharatyan, Bilal Alnemr, Lusine Djanyan, Mirjam Eszter Pálfai, Noah Kumpitak Nilsen, Johannes Kristiansen, and Michał Jerzy Nietyksza merged acoustic and electronic elements, gestures, and words to craft a mesmerizing performance.

Their act, aptly titled “SOUND ACTS Ensemble: A Performance of Free Sounds,” transcended traditional boundaries, offering an immersive experience that celebrated the transformative power of sound. Through their collaborative efforts, they demonstrated how sound, like words, can serve as a catalyst for change, offering a platform for diverse voices and ideas to coalesce.

As we reflect on the discussions and performances that unfolded during the fifth European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights, let us reaffirm our commitment to upholding these fundamental principles and working tirelessly towards a future where democracy and human rights flourish for all.

To revisit the highlights of the conference, including the mesmerizing performance by CreaTeME, viewers can access the recording via the following Vimeo link:

Text and photo by the CreaTeME-team