CreaTeME highlights the power of women in music at Kraftverk meeting with state-secretary Erlend Hanstveit

In a gathering at Kraftverk, CreaTeME had the honor of hosting Erlend Hanstveit, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture in Norway. This significant event took place in the creative hub of Kristiansand, known for being a focal point for art, culture, and knowledge. The day was marked by a showcase of CreaTeME’s CoE (Centre of Excellence in Music Education), featuring artistic performances and vital discussions on the role of women in the music industry.


Cultiva, the organization behind the management and operation of Skippergata 24b, provided a tour of the premises, highlighting the facility’s potential. Kirsti Mathisen Hjemdahl and Hilde Nordbakken eloquently spoke about the opportunities within the building, practical collaboration, and the ambitious goals set for the future. Their words shed light on the importance of Kraftverk as a hub for digital innovation, cultural production, education, and showcasing, further enriched by the presence of the student house BARE (SiA) and other educational initiatives by UiA (University of Agder).


The event underlined the diverse actors involved in research, teaching, production, and communication, all gathered under one roof to foster a community of creativity and innovation. Kraftverk’s structure, featuring different concepts and identities across its floors, serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit that aims to develop Skippergata 24b into an inclusive space for art, culture, and knowledge.


In partnership with tenants, users, and the public, Cultiva is committed to creating a vibrant meeting place that supports and challenges each individual to excel in a mutually supportive environment. The organization, through its subsidiaries Skippergata 24b AS and Digitalt Kulturhus AS, continues to drive forward the vision of an open and interactive space that nurtures creativity and learning.


This event not only highlighted the significance of women’s voices in the music industry but also reinforced the role of Kraftverk and Cultiva in cultivating an ecosystem that encourages artistic and cultural growth. The participation of State Secretary Erlend Hanstveit underscores the government’s support for initiatives that promote gender equality and cultural development, marking a noteworthy step towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse music industry.

Photo by Marit Wergeland