CreaTeME-lab Event #4 –  Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang and Love your Latency

CreaTeME-Lab Event #4, held at BARE studenthus/Kraftverk in Kristiansand on February 6th, proved to be an evening, weaving together the talents of Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, and the pioneering Love your Latency project. This collaboration, part of a series by the CreaTeME-Lab event, offered an immersive experience that pushed the boundaries of music and technology.

The venue at BARE studenthus / Kraftverk, known for hosting eclectic and innovative performances, was the perfect setting for this avant-garde event. Starting at 19:30, the concert attracted a diverse crowd of students, teachers and music listeners from the region , eager to experience the blend of electronic and instrumental ideas that the featured artists are renowned for.

Eivind Aarset and Jan Bang, long-time collaborators with a rich history of working alongside notable figures in the music industry, showcased their latest album, “Last Two Inches of Sky” (2023). This album continues their exploration of blending genres and styles through Aarset’s guitar play and Bang’s distinctive sampling technique. The duo’s performance was a testament to their mastery, delivering a soundscape that was as enigmatic as it was enchanting. Critics have rightly praised their work for its nightmarish beauty and meticulous sound design, and this evening was no exception.


Adding a layer of complexity and innovation to the evening was the Love your Latency project. This ambitious endeavor connected performers across  the country in a virtual studio, presenting a hybrid onsite and online performance that was a first for many of the musicians involved. The project included talents such as Ivar Grydeland, Torben Snekkestad, and Michael F. Duch, each contributing from various locations in a display of technical and musical synchronicity that challenged our conventional understanding of live performance.

The Love your Latency performance was a revelation, not just in its technical achievement of overcoming latency to create a cohesive musical experience, but also in its exploration of togetherness and the perception of time and space. The project, set to evolve until a grand finale in November 2025, promises to further explore these themes, offering a glimpse into the future of musical collaboration.

The evening also featured a CreaTeME Talk and a Q&A session, providing insights into the creative processes of the artists and allowing the audience to engage with the performers on a deeper level. These interactions added a valuable dimension to the concert, highlighting the thoughtful and exploratory nature of the artists’ work.

In summary, CreaTeME-Lab Event #4 was a resounding success, merging the worlds of electronic music, live performance, and technological innovation in a way that was both groundbreaking and deeply human. Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, and the Love your Latency project not only entertained but also provoked thought about the future of music and performance in an increasingly connected world. It was a night that those in attendance are unlikely to forget, marking an important milestone in the journey of contemporary music exploration.

Photo by Askil Holm