CreaTeME-lab Event #5: A Multifaceted Musical Journey


Venue: BARE studenthus / Kraftverk, Kristiansand / Skippergata 24b, Galleriet

Date: April 04th

Time: 18:00 – 21:00


The atmosphere at BARE studenthus / Kraftverk in Kristiansand was filled with anticipation as the venue played host to an evening of experimental and boundary-pushing musical performances on April 04th. The event, organized by CreaTeME, featured three concerts that delved into diverse realms of sound, inviting the audience on a sonic journey.

Concert #1: Love your Latency

The first performance titled “Love your Latency,” a collaborative project that transcended geographical boundaries and temporal constraints. Musicians from Kristiansand, Oslo, Trondheim, and Graz converged in a virtual studio, bridging distances through technology. Despite the physical separation, the performers united in a synchronous exploration of sound, blurring the lines between the tangible and the virtual. As audiences in Kristiansand and Oslo witnessed the musical synergy unfold before their eyes, they were prompted to contemplate the nature of togetherness and the fluidity of time in a world shaped by digital connectivity.


Concert #2: Tobias Seiersdahl

Following the performance of “Love your latency,” the audience was treated to an improvised journey into the realm of inaudible sounds by electronic composer Tobias Seiersdahl. Armed with synthesizers and a keen sense of sonic exploration, Seiersdahl mesmerized the audience with his avant-garde compositions. Drawing inspiration from the subtle nuances of everyday interactions and the unseen forces that permeate our surroundings, Seiersdahl crafted a sonic tapestry that challenged conventional notions of music. His experimental approach, coupled with his electronic composition, captivated the audience.

Concert #3: RE-CREATION

The evening ended with “RE-CREATION,” a mesmerizing exploration of Armenian folk and medieval music reinterpreted through improvisations and live electronics. Renowned pianist Mariam Kharatyan and electronic artist Alessandra Bossa joined forces to weave a tapestry of sonic innovation. Kharatyan’s masterful piano performance, infused with rich cultural heritage, melded seamlessly with Bossa’s intricate live electronics, creating an ethereal ambiance. The duo’s collaborative effort breathed new life into age-old melodies, offering the audience a fresh perspective on classical compositions.




Mariam Kharatyan shared insights into the project, emphasizing its experimental nature and the fusion of diverse artistic mediums. She expressed her enthusiasm for exploring the intersection of tradition and innovation, paving the way for a contemporary musical landscape that embraces diversity and creativity.

Photo Credits: Askil Holm / CreaTeME-team