CreaTeME lecture and panel discussion with Dr. Martin Clancy “The forefront of AI and innovation”

Exploring the Intersection of AI, Ethics, and Music

Date: May 27, 2024

Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Blackbox basement, BARE studenthouse

The CreaTeME event held on May 27th in the Blackbox basement of the BARE studenthouse brought together a distinguished panel of experts to explore the rapidly evolving intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), ethics, and the music industry. The event was moderated by Steinar Jeffs from CreaTeME and featured insightful contributions from Dr. Martin Clancy, Kristine Hoff (known by her stage name MAUD), Daniel Nordgård, Ragnhild Brøvig, and Elise Bygjordet.

Panel Members

Dr. Martin Clancy is a leading figure at the crossroads of AI and music. As the founder of AI

and the chair of the IEEE Global AI Ethics Arts Committee, Clancy has dedicated much of his career to investigating the ethical implications of AI in the arts. He is also a Social Policy Fellow at Trinity College and the author of “Artificial Intelligence and Music Ecosystem.” His professional background includes hits on the US Billboard charts and collaborations with artists like Sinead O’Connor.

Kristine Hoff (MAUD), an alumna of the University of Agder (UiA), is celebrated for her work as an artist, vocalist, and producer. Currently, she is promoting her latest album, “The Love That Remains,” which has been well received in the music community.

Daniel Nordgård is a professor specializing in music business and management. He has extensively studied the impacts of digitalization on the music industry, encapsulated in his book “The Music Business and Digital Impacts.”

Ragnhild Brøvig is a professor of popular music studies at the Department of Musicology and the RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion at the University of Oslo. Her research delves into the cultural and rhythmic aspects of popular music.

Elise Bygjordet is an emerging artist and a student in the Department of Popular Music. She is an integral part of CreaTeME’s innovation team, focusing her efforts on the application of AI in music.

Event Highlights

The panel discussion commenced with a keynote address by Dr. Martin Clancy, who outlined the current landscape of AI in music. He emphasized the ethical challenges and responsibilities that come with integrating AI into creative processes. Clancy’s insights set the stage for a thought-provoking dialogue on how AI technologies are reshaping music production, distribution, and consumption.

Kristine Hoff, performing as MAUD, shared her experiences as an artist navigating the evolving digital music landscape. She highlighted the creative possibilities that AI offers, especially in terms of production and promotion, while also cautioning against the potential for AI to overshadow human artistry.

Daniel Nordgård provided an academic perspective on the economic and business implications of AI in the music industry. His analysis focused on how digital platforms and AI tools are transforming traditional business models and the importance of adapting to these changes to sustain artistic careers.

Ragnhild Brøvig’s contribution to the discussion centered on the cultural impacts of AI on popular music. She explored how AI influences musical trends, listener preferences, and the overall cultural significance of music in society. Her interdisciplinary approach underscored the need for a holistic understanding of AI’s role in music.

Elise Bygjordet, representing the next generation of artists, discussed her work with CreaTeME’s innovation team. She shared her enthusiasm for using AI as a tool for creativity and innovation while stressing the importance of maintaining a balance between technological advancement and artistic integrity.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, where audience members engaged with the panelists on topics ranging from the future of music careers in an AI-driven world to the ethical considerations of AI-generated content. The diverse perspectives of the panelists provided a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted relationship between AI and music.

The CreaTeME panel discussion highlighted the transformative potential of AI in the music industry while also underscoring the ethical and cultural considerations that must guide its development. As AI continues to evolve, events like this are crucial for fostering dialogue and collaboration among artists, scholars, and technologists.

Photo by Tobias Sævik Torvholm