CreaTeME student innovation team visits upper secondary school

The music departments at Vågsbygd and Dahlske upper secondary schools recently hosted a lecture on the impact of AI on music education. Led by Steinar Jeffs from CreateMe and accompanied by music students from UiA in the CreaTeME innovation team, the event aimed to explore how AI technology is shaping the musical landscape and how educators can adapt to these changes.


Attendees delved into discussions on AI’s role in music creation, pedagogy, and performance. Steinar Jeffs and his team showcased AI applications and engaged in dialogue about their implications for music education.


A highlight of the lecture was a presentation by  Elise, Sebastian, and Sigurd in the Innovation team, who demonstrated how AI can facilitate music composition from scratch. Attendees also participated in group discussions, weighing AI’s potential benefits and drawbacks in education.


Overall, the lecture provided valuable insights into navigating the evolving relationship between AI and music education, encouraging educators to embrace technological advancements while preserving the essence of musical expression.

Photo by Steinar Jeffs / CreaTeME-team