CreaTeME Student invites: “Help, I’m done with my studies!”

Navigating Your Future in the Music Industry

Date: May 24, 2024

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Location: Blackbox, Studenthuset BARE

On May 24th, the Blackbox at Studenthuset BARE was the venue for an enlightening panel discussion organized by the CreaTeME students, aimed at students nearing the completion of their studies and contemplating their future careers. The event featured insights from accomplished musicians and entrepreneurs who have successfully transitioned from academic environments to professional careers in the music industry.

Panel Members

Ingvild Koksvik is a seasoned singer and songwriter with a rich career that includes multiple albums, festival commissions, and extensive touring across Norway and Europe. After a decade as a full-time musician, she joined the University of Agder in 2020 as a PhD research fellow in popular music performance. Ingvild is currently a researcher at CreaTeME, balancing her academic role with her entrepreneurial ventures through her company Fyrlyd AS and her record label, Fyrlyd Records. She holds a master’s degree in musicology from the University of Oslo, where she also worked as a research assistant.


Simen Børven is an alumnus of the University of Agder with a prominent international career as the bassist for Leprous, one of Norway’s most renowned rock bands. His extensive touring experience has given him deep insights into the music industry’s challenges and opportunities. Simen also serves as a project manager at Musikkontoret Sørf, leveraging his teaching degree and MBA to educate and guide upcoming musicians. Additionally, he is a musician and songwriter with the instrumental band Saywhat, which is set to release an album featuring Turkish guitarist Cenk Erdogan. This fall, Simen will debut as a solo artist in a music documentary about the legendary Neumann U-47 microphone.

Event Highlights

The panel discussion, moderated by Tobias Sævik Torvholm from the innovation team in CreaTeME, began with each panelist sharing their journey from being students to establishing their careers in music. The personal stories highlighted the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and continuous learning in achieving success in the competitive music industry.

Ingvild Koksvik spoke about her transition from academic studies to a full-time music career, emphasizing the value of combining academic knowledge with practical experience. She encouraged students to engage in diverse musical projects and collaborations to broaden their skills and network.

Simen Børven shared his experiences from touring globally with Leprous and working on various musical projects. He underscored the significance of understanding the business side of music and the benefits of having a formal education in business management alongside musical expertise. Simen’s insights into project management and strategic planning were particularly valuable for students considering a multifaceted approach to their careers.


Preparing for the Future

The discussion also addressed strategies for students who are not yet graduating but wish to prepare for their future careers. Key advice included:

Building a Portfolio:

Both panelists stressed the importance of creating a diverse portfolio of work that showcases different aspects of one’s musical abilities and projects.


Engaging with industry professionals, attending workshops, and participating in music festivals were highlighted as crucial steps in building a professional network.

Continuing Education:

The panelists encouraged students to seek further education opportunities, whether through formal degrees or specialized courses, to stay updated with industry trends and technologies.

Q&A Session

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, where students had the opportunity to ask the panelists about their specific concerns and aspirations. Questions ranged from how to manage the uncertainties of a freelance career to tips on balancing creative pursuits with financial stability.

The CreaTeME panel discussion provided invaluable guidance and inspiration to students poised to enter the music industry. By sharing their personal journeys and professional insights, Ingvild Koksvik and Simen Børven offered practical advice and encouraged students to pursue their passions with determination and strategic planning.

Following the event, attendees were invited to enjoy the first concert of the day at UiArt, further immersing themselves in the vibrant musical community.

About the panel:


Ingvild Koksvik is a singer and song-maker whose career includes several albums of original music, commissioned works for festivals, and substantial touring as a live artist in Norway and Europe. After spending ten years as a full-time musician, she became a PhD research fellow in popular music performance at the University of Agder in 2020. She is currently part of CreaTeME as a researcher, which she combines with her role as a singer and song-maker through her own company, Fyrlyd AS, and running the label Fyrlyd Records. Ingvild holds a master’s degree in musicology from the University of Oslo, where she also spent two years as a research assistant.   

Photo by Simen Løvgren


Simen Børven is a UiA (University of Agder) alumnus and has an international career as the bassist in one of Norway’s most exported rock bands, Leprous. Through countless tours around the world, Børven has experienced the music industry up close, along with its unique challenges and opportunities. In addition to his extensive travel associated with Leprous’ activities, Simen works as a project manager at Musikkontoret Sørf, where he utilizes his teaching degree and MBA to share the knowledge he has acquired.

Additionally, he is a musician and songwriter in the instrumental band Saywhat, which is soon to release an album featuring the Turkish star guitarist Cenk Erdogan. In the fall of 2024, Simen will be creating a music documentary, in which he will also debut as a solo artist, telling the story of the legendary microphone Neumann U-47.

Photo by Brian Krahe