CreaTeME Students Invites: How is it to be a session musician in a world where technology is becoming a tool to connect musicians all over the world?

In a meeting about music and technology, the “CreaTeME Students Invites” event recently held at BARE studenthus / Kraftverk in Skippergaten 24b, has ushered in a new paradigm of musical collaboration. The evening, which began with doors opening at 19:30 and the main event at 20:00, was not just a gathering but a moment in the fusion of digital advancements with the creative process of music making.


The event, organized by the forward-thinking CreaTeME students’ group, was designed to explore the changing dynamics of session musicianship in an age where technology bridges distances like never before. It served as a vibrant platform for sharing, learning, and experiencing the synergy between technology and music, drawing in a diverse crowd of enthusiasts, professionals, and visionaries.


Alessandra Bossa, the evening’s featured speaker, captivated the audience with her presentation on remote musical collaboration. Bossa, a distinguished pianist, electronic musician, and composer, shared her wealth of experience in blending genres such as avant-garde, jazz, electronics, and improvisation across various ensemble settings. Her insights into overcoming the challenges of distance through technology resonated deeply with attendees, highlighting the limitless potential for creativity and connection in the digital age.


The event’s highlight was undoubtedly the in-depth discussion that followed Bossa’s presentation. A Q&A session, expertly hosted by Kristina Rusdal of CreaTeME WP5, fostered engaging conversations on the nuances of technological integration in music. Attendees delved into discussions on the challenges and opportunities that digital tools present, drawing from Bossa’s experiences and exploring the future of music production and perception.

“CreaTeME Students Invites” has set a new plattform for events that aim to bridge the gap between technology and traditional music creation. The successful evening not only showcased the evolving landscape of musical collaboration but also served as a beacon for future explorations in the field. The event has sparked a dialogue on the transformative impact of technology on music, suggesting a future where geographical barriers are no longer a constraint for artistic expression.


As the doors closed on an evening of innovation and inspiration, the sentiment among the attendees was clear: the fusion of technology and music is not just a trend but a revolution in the making. The “CreaTeME Students Invites” event has not only celebrated the achievements to date but has also opened the door to possibilities for the global music community.

Photo by: Kristina Rasmila Larsen Rusdal and Ingri Jordahl Østensen