‘Dodekagon’ – Album

The project was lead by student Vegar Lippestad. There was a live in studio concert/recording that lasted 48 minutes. The band consists of both students from the classical and rhythmic music students from UiA, and local musicians.


This project is related to createme because of the way we recorded. All the sound was gonna be in the room when recorded – with all the musicians (12 people) being in the same room and seeing eachother. That meant that we had to be a bit creative with the recording, and had to use the technology to our advantage. I would also say that the music in itself is related to createme, since its a kind of unusual genreblend and ensemble.


Vegar Lippestad



Jason Ernesto Thrane Storsve (fløyte) 

Vidar Flekke Bergersen (trompet) 

Anders Skjerdal (trompet) 

Vegar Lippestad (saxofon) 

Simen Vad (saxofon) 

Reidun Ottersen (trombone/ephonium) 

Isak Dybsjord (piano) 

Magnus Wetås (gitar) 

Fredrik Lindseth Nordby (bass) 

Benjamin Næss (trommesett) 

Peder Narum (trommesett)