Music & So, spring 2023

Music&So (Musikk og sånn)


The project was a collaboration between the student organizations associated with the music programs at UiA (the Music Business students at Agora and the music students at Sonus).


The purpose of the project was to facilitate interaction among music students across the different programs and to increase their awareness of their network and the opportunities and expertise available in Kristiansand, both within and outside the student community (e.g., Createme, SØRF, fellow students, and various interest organizations such as NOPA and Music Norway). A total of three meetings were held, and the experience showed that this had positive effects both academically and socially.


  • Part 1 – Thursday 26 January 2023
  • Part 2 – Thursday 23 March 2023
  • Part 3 – Thursday 20 April 2023
Ingrid Myrland Johansen