New Podcast episode from Steinar Jeffs with Jonas Howden Sjøvaag: Generated AI music is 100% nonsense

This interview explores how Jonas Sjøvaag utilizes technology in his work. He discusses the importance of errors and unexpected results in artistic creation, and how he uses AI as a tool to generate new ideas and perspectives.

Musician, composer, and graphic designer Jonas Howden Sjøvaag is known for his work with Epletrio and Carl Seglem Acoustic Quartet, and he holds a master’s degree in improvisational music from the Norwegian Academy of Music. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in artistic research at UiA.

NB! The Steinar Jeffs podcast “Kunstig kunst: Kreativitet og teknologi” is in Norwegian.

Recorded and produced by Steinar Jeffs
Graphics by CreaTeME-team