Would you like to create intromusic and soundbed for CreaTeMEs “When I” videos?

Dear Students,


Would you like to create the intro music for CreaTeME’s upcoming “When I” videos? Or maybe you have some music lying around (or want to create new music) that could fit as background music in the various videos? If so, we hope you will send us your music!


CreaTeME is creating an online library of short videos (about 1.5-3 minutes long) in which musicians, songwriters, producers, and others discuss and demonstrate how they use technology in their music. Some of the videos will just have people talking, while others will include excerpts from performances or demonstrations of what is being discussed. The topics will vary widely, from finding your own sound as a musician to making your own electronic gadgets, and the videos will be filmed in different settings.


For these videos, CreaTeME welcomes proposals for a jingle/music for the intro (vignette) that should be 5 seconds long. Additionally, we are looking for suggestions for background music/sound beds that can be used at various points in the videos. You can submit up to 60 seconds of music for this purpose. If you want to submit music for background use, please keep in mind that there will often be dialogue/narration added, so instrumental music is probably best here.


This is a paid request.


The call is now closed!

Link to a draft for the vignette for “When I” in Mp4 format: