Ph.D. Ingvild Koksvik from CreaTeME at the InMusic conference 2023

Utilizing sound-amplifying hearing protection as a creative tool in song-making.


From June 30th  to July 2nd, Koksvik attended the Innovation in Music Conference at Edinburgh Napier University. The theme of this year’s conference was “You’re not supposed to do that,” focusing on concepts like “misuse and reuse; reimagining and repositioning; hybridization and recontextualization; and creating unique pathways and perspectives in music production, performance, technology, and business.”


The conference program included a variety of paper presentations, keynote speeches, artistic exhibitions and panel discussions involving over 90 participants. As a representative of CreaTeME, Koksvik presented the paper titled “Utilizing sound-amplifying hearing protection as a creative tool in song-making.”


“The paper explored innovative ways to engage with our auditory surroundings through the use of sound-enhancing hearing protectors designed for hunting, and how these methods can influence songwriting and production in popular music, particularly in the context of 3D formats,” says Koksvik. 


The theme generated a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, and she returned home with many new ideas for further research. Besides presenting her own project, she also attended many highly interesting presentations, covering topics ranging from technological advancements to alternative uses of technology in music creation, performance, and education.   


The University of Agder was also represented by fellow doctoral candidate Kenechukwu Obinna Ofochebe.

Bannerphotos: Ingvild Koksvik og