Upcoming event on the 5th of September: “Love Your Latency” at PUNKT 2024 – 20th Edition – Presented by CreaTeME and Cultiva

Embracing the Digital Delay: “Love Your Latency”

As PUNKT Festival celebrates its 20th edition, it brings a pioneering musical experience with “Love Your Latency.” This innovative event bridges geographical divides by connecting musicians in different locations through an online virtual studio, presenting simultaneous yet distinct performances.

On Thursday, September 5th, audiences at Aladdin Blå in Kristiansand and The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo will experience a concert that challenges conventional perceptions of time and space. This parallel performance prompts both musicians and listeners to navigate multiple realities, exploring themes of togetherness in a digitally connected world.

The Line-Up

In Kristiansand:

Michaela Antalová

Jan Bang

Ivar Grydeland

In Oslo:

Torben Snekkestad


Bjørnar Habbestad

Hild Sofie Tafjord

Lene Grenager

Michael Duch

These artists will come together in an unprecedented collaboration, showcasing the creative potential of digital latency in music. Each location will present a unique variant of the same concert, highlighting the fluidity and dynamism of live performance across different spaces.

The Concept: Love Your Latency

“Love Your Latency” explores the intersection of technology and art, turning the often-perceived drawback of digital delay into a source of creative inspiration. This concept not only redefines the performance space but also encourages audiences to engage with the music in a new way, considering how temporal and spatial differences influence their experience.

Supported by Cultiva and CreaTeME, this event exemplifies the innovative spirit of PUNKT Festival, continuing its tradition of pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

Design: Nina Birkeland

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