Renowned musician Sharmin Sultana Sumi to participate in international music conference in Norway supported by CreaTeME

In a remarkable development, Sharmin Sultana Sumi, the frontperson of the popular Bangladeshi band Chirkutt, has been invited to participate in an upcoming international music conference at the University of Agder, Kristiansand Campus, Norway. This prestigious ten-day event will see Sumi alongside various music experts from around the world, engaging in discussions, presentations, and delivering speeches.

The invitation to this esteemed gathering came from none other than Professor and Center leader of CreaTeME Daniel Nordgard of the University of Agder, who recognized Sumi’s remarkable contributions to the music industry and her unique perspective as an artist. Sumi is set to share her experiences, insights, and her incredible journey, while also addressing important topics related to climate change and the role of women in the music industry.


Sumi expressed her excitement about this opportunity, stating, “It is a great opportunity to share my personal experiences and journey on an international platform. At the same time, I am not only honored, but this new experience also brings joy and pride to our country.”

Among the various topics Sumi will be discussing, she will shed light on the “Nodi Rocks” project, showcasing her role as an artist in raising awareness and addressing the negative effects of climate change. Sumi has been a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and will use this platform to drive her message further.


Sharmin Sultana Sumi’s involvement in international music-related events is not new. She has previously participated in conferences in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Norway, and Portugal, in addition to organizing concerts worldwide with her band, Chirkutt.

As part of the University of Agder’s international music conference, Sumi will present her insights on “Strategy and Sustainability in the Music Business” during the Scientific Conference on November 3. On November 7-8, she will speak in the session “Role of Women in the Music Industry,” which is bound to be an enlightening discussion. The event will conclude with the session “Music and Climate Care” on November 9-10, with the active participation of students from around the world.

Furthermore, Sumi will also take part in another session at the invitation of Dr. Sulvi Korhonen at the University of South East Norway. During this session, she will discuss her projects, “Nodi Rocks” and “Climate Care,” emphasizing awareness and initiatives related to climate change.

Sumi’s journey will commence on October 30 as she departs for Denmark. Following the conclusion of the conference in Norway, she will participate in several meetings in Finland to address climate change issues.

Before her departure, Sumi has two exciting concerts planned with her band. The first will take place on October 25 in Rajshahi, and the second on October 26 at the Army Stadium, promising an unforgettable musical experience for her fans.

Sharmin Sultana Sumi is expected to return to Dhaka on November 16, marking the end of her international journey. However, her impact on the global music scene and her dedication to addressing climate change will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the industry and the hearts of her admirers.

Photo: Front photo of Sharmin Sultana Sumi and band Chirkutt from The Daily Star