Student-Driven Music Sundays at Vaktbua Showcase Tomorrow’s Stars

In the heart of Kristiansand, the Vaktbua comes alive every Sunday, pulsating with the rhythm of student-driven musical talent. The University of Agder (UiA) plays a crucial role in supporting this vibrant initiative, allowing aspiring artists to shine.

Emilia Stajer, a music student and the current concert booker for Sundays at Vaktbua, expresses her enthusiasm for the unique venue. Despite the November rain, students flock to witness performances, such as the sextet Mast, turning the compact space into a lively hub of musical energy.

Nina Hovland, the daily manager of Vaktbua, describes the initiative as “grådig kult” (greedy cool) and believes it showcases many of tomorrow’s stars. The intimate setting, with a capacity of approximately 60 indoors, fosters a cozy atmosphere where artists like Mast, led by songwriter and vocalist Regine Westgaard, enchant the audience with their melodic blend of saxophone, contrabass, keyboard, and percussion.

Emilia Stajer, responsible for booking this semester’s concerts, fell in love with the concept last year and now curates a diverse lineup. The program, which includes genres ranging from scream metal to soft pop, is a testament to the rich musical diversity presented at Vaktbua.

Hilde Norbakken, deputy director of CreaTeME (University of Agder’s Center for Excellence in Education), underscores the importance of student-driven activities and their contribution to student life. CreaTeME, funded by the state with 38.2 million kroner over five years, supports initiatives like Søndager på Vaktbua to enhance technological applications in music development and education.

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Illustration photo: Printscreen of article in Fædrelandsvennen