Success for CreaTeME-lunch Event #1– Classical Lunchtime Concert

A fusion of Ravel, Improvisation and Live Electronics at Sigurd Køhns Hus

Date: January 31, 2024

Venue: Sigurd Køhns Hus

Time: 13:15 – 14.00

In a display of musical innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, Sigurd Køhns Hus played host to an extraordinary concert on January 31, 2024. The event featured Maurice Ravel’s “Trois Poèmes de Mallarmé” and “Chanson Madécasses,” blended with improvisation and live electronics. This concert went beyond traditional boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on Ravel’s compositions.

The lineup boasted of accomplished artists, including Mariam Kharatyan on piano, Oda Marita Norevik lending her mezzo-soprano voice, Evdoxia Metso on cello, Mirjam Eszter Pálfai with the flute, and Mia Heilberg and Jakob Sæterstad creating live remixes. Each performer brought their distinct flair, contributing to an atmosphere of creativity and exploration.


Departing from the concept of Werktreue, the performers took the audience on a journey of interpreting Ravel’s scores through improvisation. This approach resulted in an enthralling blend of classical melodies and modern soundscapes, creating a live, dynamic musical conversation.

The concert was a testament to the power of collaboration across various artistic disciplines. By integrating classical compositions with live electronics, poetry, and visual installations, the event provided a platform for experimentation and co-creation. This convergence of mediums offered a unique experience to the audience, encouraging an appreciation of artistic research and innovation.

The concert’s artistic outcomes will be shared through a video production, capturing the essence of the live performance. Additionally, insights into the creative process will be provided through videos, texts, and interviews, allowing a deeper understanding of the artistic journey behind this unique event.

Featured Compositions: Ravel’s “Trois Poèmes de Mallarmé” and “Chanson Madécasses” served as the foundation for this musical exploration. These masterpieces, exploring themes of love, death, fantasy, and social commentary, were reimagined through this innovative performance, showcasing the timeless relevance of Ravel’s work.

The concert at Sigurd Køhns Hus was more than a musical event; it was a boundary-pushing exploration of what is possible when classical music meets modern improvisation and technology. This performance was a must-see for those interested in the evolving landscape of music and art.

Photos by Askil Holm and Hildegunn Løken Holtan