Co-creating audience: Student-Led Test Concert to Redefine Traditional Music Experience

Date: Friday 15th of March

Location: BARE studenthus

Project Leader: Ieva Praneviciute

Sound and Technical Lead: Johannes Birkedal Austenå


Mirjam Pálfai (Flute)

Hannah Torres Lærum (Vocals)

Anders Skjerdal (Trumpet)

Anders Evju (Trombone)

Mikkel Bordal (Double-bass)

Torbjørn Kamfjord Eriksen (Drums)


The concert was a student-led test concert aimed to redefine the conventional norms. Spearheaded by project leader Ieva Praneviciute and supported by a talented ensemble of musicians, this innovative event fused technology and music to create an immersive realm of improvisation driven by audience interaction.


The ensemble, comprising Mirjam Pálfai on flute, Hannah Torres Lærum on vocals, Anders Skjerdal on trumpet, Anders Evju on trombone, Mikkel Bordal on double-bass, and Torbjørn Kamfjord Eriksen on drums, delivered a diverse and dynamic performance. Their music served as the canvas for the audience’s creative input, setting the stage for a truly interactive experience.

Technology Integration:

At the core of this experiment was the seamless integration of technology into the concert setting. Attendees were provided with iPads equipped with intuitive tools, empowering them to actively shape the musical landscape in real-time using various elements such as volume, reverb, and delay. Each audience member had the opportunity to contribute as the iPads were passed around throughout the concert. The output from each iPad was recorded, resulting in five unique compositions that the audience and musicians could listen to after the concert.


Project leader Ieva Praneviciute emphasized that this test concert was merely the beginning of a journey aimed at pushing boundaries and exploring the potential of technology in bridging the gap between performers and audience members. After the concert, the audience was asked about their experience and whether they wanted to share their thoughts. The response was overwhelming. The audience was fascinated by the concept itself; they shared enthusiastically their experiences and also came up with several ideas on how to expand the project. The goal is to take feedback from the audience and apply it for future concerts.

Audience Participation:

This concert offered audience participation on two levels: actively contributing to the musical outcome through the use of technology-infused tools, and also engaging in discussions during the post-concert talk, fostering a deeper connection between performers and the audience.

Photo by Ieva Praneviciute