CreaTeME event: Co-creating audience at BARE studenthus

On Tuesday, the 6th of June, the BARE Student House’s Main Hall was transformed into an interactive musical experience with the Co-creating Audience concert. This innovative event, which welcomed audience participation at its core, was a testament to the evolving nature of live performances. Building on feedback from a previous test concert, the event featured three distinct stations that allowed attendees to actively shape the music being performed.


Interactive Stations

Station 1: iPad 1 and 2

At this station, attendees used iPads to control the instruments and sound effects they wished to hear. The unique aspect of this station was that the sound produced was only audible through headphones. Each participant’s creation was recorded as an individual composition, available for later listening. This provided a personalized and intimate interaction with the music.



Station 2: iPad 3 and 4

Here, participants again used iPads to manipulate instruments and effects, but with a twist: the sound was played aloud in the room. This station fostered a dynamic interaction between the audience, musicians, and other attendees, creating a live, communal music-making experience. The live feedback loop between the audience and the ensemble aimed to deepen the connection and spontaneity of the performance.


Station 3: iPad 5 + Wave Rings

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this station allowed participants to use Wave Rings to control sound effects through hand movements. This novel approach enabled attendees to produce unique musical expressions, adding a layer of physical engagement and creativity. The station highlighted the potential of new technologies in interactive music performance.

The Co-creating Audience concert at BARE Student House was more than just a performance; it was an exploration of collaborative creation and the boundaries of audience engagement in music. By incorporating technology and interactive elements, the event provided a fresh and immersive experience for all attendees. The thoughtful integration of audience feedback and the seamless blending of live performance with interactive stations underscored the potential for future concerts to be equally engaging and participatory.




The Team

Project Leader

Ieva Praneviciute

Sound and Technical

Johannes Birkedal Austenå

Sean Patrik Sande


Sean Patrik Sande: Guitar
Ingri Østensen: Vocals

Anders Skjerdal: Trumpet

Jenni Øiom Askvig: Saxophone

Mikkel Bordal: Double-bass

Torbjørn Kamfjord Eriksen: Drums

Photo by CreaTeME-team