Young scholars workshop at the International Music Business Research Days 2023

The 14th International Music Business Research Days, held in Kristiansand at the University of Agder, brought together industry experts and young scholars to delve into the pressing issues surrounding the sustainability of the music business in an era of constant change and innovation.


Balancing new business models and labor bonditions:

One of the central themes of this year’s conference was the dynamic landscape of the music industry, with a particular focus on new business models and evolving labor conditions. Young scholars from around the world engaged in a dedicated workshop to explore these topics and find ways to harmonize them effectively.

Liucija Fosseli, presented her research titled “In search of stability and economic sustainability in the professional songwriter Path.” Fosseli’s work scrutinized the challenges and opportunities facing songwriters in their quest for economic sustainability amidst the rapidly changing music industry.

Rethinking royalties on music streaming platforms: 
Another noteworthy discussion centered on the transformation of royalty systems within the digital realm. Frederik Juul Jensen introduced the audience to the concept of “Rethinking Royalties – Alternative Payment Systems on Music Streaming Platforms.” His research delved into innovative payment models that can ensure fair compensation for artists and songwriters in an age of streaming dominance.

The fourth industrial revolution in music:

Jelena Mijatovic explored the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the music industry, emphasizing the integration of cutting-edge technology. Mijatovic’s talk highlighted how emerging technologies are reshaping the way artists create, distribute, and monetize their music.

Collective rights management in different markets:

An intriguing comparison between the Norwegian and Nigerian music markets was discussed by the team of Meland, Ofochebe, and Nordgård. Their presentation, titled “Collective Rights Management in Different Markets,” provided insights into how these two diverse markets handle collective rights management and how it impacts the music creators within them.

The ecosystem of the greek underground rap scene:

Zoi Eleni Eskitzopoulou offered a glimpse into the vibrant world of the Greek underground rap scene. Her work, “The Ecosystem of the Greek Underground Rap Scene,” explored the dynamics of this niche music community, shedding light on its unique sustainability challenges and opportunities.

Understanding perceptions of interpolations:

Eric Nsangu Tusevo delved into the intriguing topic of “Once a Hit, Always a Hit – Understanding Perceptions of Interpolations.” He examined the dynamics of music interpolations and how these derivative works are perceived by both artists and audiences.

Photos by Askil Holm // CreaTeME